We have a vision for a remote, as yet unspoiled area, in the Cayo district of Belize – a whole protected valley and surrounding slopes and ridges, including 1000 acres of pristine rainforest, three waterfalls of pure water creating three tributaries to the main creek in the valley.

The main aims, objectives and principles for this holistic, sustainable project are:

  • Protecting rainforest flora and fauna, land and water (under threat of logging for cattle ranching)
  • Protecting endangered species (nurseries for rare tropical trees, breeding butterflies, protecting birds, etc)
  • Sustainability & Organic Agroforestry, carbon credits (planting 10 trees for every tree felled)
  • Organic farming, Permaculture, Regenerative agriculture (SoilFoodWeb) including fish ponds, apiaries
  • Setting up a community lab of citizen scientists, using regenerative agriculture microscopy
  • Sustainable architecture with natural, local materials (adobe clay, slate, lime stone, local wood & bamboo)
  • Maintaining, reclaiming and re-discovering indigenous Mayan traditions and rainforest remedies & healing
  • Therapeutic Eco-Retreat Centre and Refuge, with workshops and training courses
  • EMF white zone: one of the largest zones on the planet without man-made electromagnetic radiation
  • Land and water management in line with anthroposophical understanding of living water (water & flowforms)
  • Local community projects (oriented towards future independent governance) generating security and wealth for empoverished by working sustainably with rainforest (cacao, coffee, xate, medicinal plants, spices, and many more products)

US $620,000 of our own money are already invested in …

  • buying two plots of a total of 212 acres of pristine rainforest at the top of the valley, including two waterfalls creating tributaries to the main creek
  • having built a base a little further down the valley on currently rented land (creating a 3-acre smallholding),
  • having bought a 1.5 acre orchard even further down the valley, closer to civilisation

Our cabin and thatched kitchen

Our field (growing corn in August 2023), with container & porch in the far distance

Our first chicken coop and rabbit pen

Idyllic scene with my son and some of the birds and sheep

Our son Noah beginning early to select animals for his ark

Our second (larger) chicken coop

View from our land across the valley and ridge on the other side … this is where we have already planted 150 coconuts and 50 fruit trees

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